The need is incredibly great -- the Haitian and Chilean earthquakes being the main focus at this time. Please consider helping in any way you can.


As followers of the Lord Jesus we are encouraged to "bear one another's burdens." Thus the world will "know we are Christians by our love."1 gets you to Lutheran World Relief which is noted for spending less than 10% of its income on overhead -- meaning that over 90% gets to the the crisis or disaster where the givers want to help. You can contribute on-line or by mailing your gift to Lutheran World Relief, PO Box 17061, Baltimore, MD 21298-9832 USA is the other agency assuring that over 90% of their income goes to the places of need designated by the givers. You can contribute on-line or by mailing your gift to CARE USA, 151 Ellis Street, NE, Atlanta, GA 30303


LCMSWorld Relief & Human Care, an agency of our Lutheran Church -- Missouri Synod, also directs almost 90% of its income to the designated relief services. Reach them through, and click on World Relief & Human Care or send your gift to LCMS World Relief & Human Care, 1333 South Kirkwood, St. Louis MO 63122.




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