Cooking through the Church Year

Redeemer Lutheran Cookbook: Palate Pleasers, Vol. 3
  1. Broth, Consommé or Stock? Here is an interesting cooking question I had as I prepared this recipe that called for consommé-  is there any difference between broth, consommé or stock? I have become an indiscriminant cook who uses these interchangeably. Stock is the basis of many dishes – soups, stews, sauces, and gravies. Broth and consommé are both types of soup.  … Continue reading
  2. Happy New Year, everyone! I hope 2015 gives you many grace-filled days as you journey through the year. Now I’m passing the microphone over to Nancy… Hi, Nancy here, just realized the date & thought I’d better get my last 2 items in while in 2014. I think Julie & Kelly (with a little help … Continue reading
  3. It’s a little belated, but hoping you had a wonderful holiday season, which always starts with Halloween at our house! This was the first year for no party or costumes at school.   I surprised them with Halloween shirts/sweatshirts to wear during school.   I’m not sure, but I bet it was colder on Halloween than … Continue reading
  4. I had the pleasure of making this delicious punch for our welcome back reception on Thanksgiving Eve last month.  Before kids (BK, as I like to refer to it!), I was the “cookie party lady”.  Yes, a strange title for a Registered Dietitian!   I was in charge of reception after the children’s Christmas program each … Continue reading
  5.     On the Second Day of Christmas… Yuki watched TV! I got an animal DVD from the Library, and while I walked on the treadmill, Yuki took in America’s Greatest Animals for at least 10 minutes. 🙂 Potatoes Au Gratin This was a perfect accompaniment to our Christmas dinner. In past years, I’ve made Christmas … Continue reading

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