ALTAR FLOWERS are needed for March 3 and April 28 as well as other dates thereafter.  Please see the article regarding floral donations in the insert of these announcements.  Contact the church office if you have any questions.  

A big “thank you” to all our generous members who help beautify our altar.

 Instructions for donating the altar flowers:

  • Please fill out first and last names on the wall calendar.
  • The Monday or Tuesday before the Sunday of your offering, the office will contact our donors by email or phone call to…
  • Confirm that you are offering flowers
  • obtain your dedication for the bulletin
  • confirm disposition of the flowers and/or if they are needed by the church
  • remind you to show on a note or on the “other” line of your offering envelope that your $50 payment is for “altar flowers”
  • Suggested donation to cover the cost for weekly floral offerings is $50.00
  • If your preferred date is taken, please select another date near your preferred date.
  • If you must have a date that is taken, please contact the office during the week to discuss other options.
  • If you are taking the flowers home, please plan to wait up to 10 minutes after the 2nd service ends so the flowers may be removed from the altar after the organ stops.

SPECIAL NOTE TO ALL DONORS – Normally, both floral bouquets may be taken home after the 10:30 service.  However, the church may need one or more of a weekly floral donation for a special purpose (such as shut-in visits, mid-week services, congregational events such as Grace Café, etc.) beyond the Sunday services.  The office will let you know in the reminder communication if this is needed and appreciate your understanding in these rare instances. 

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