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News at Redeemer Lutheran Church

The  2018 ALTAR FLOWER calendar is now posted in the church lobby.

To give the altar flowers for a specific Sunday, sign up on the calendar on the Bulletin Board in the church lobby. If the date you want is already taken, you may put your name to the right of the one already there to give flowers for  “beside the organ” that Sunday. 

The cost of the 2 altar bouquets or the centerpiece beside the organ is $40.00.   Redeemer has a standing order with the florist. You will be asked to provide a  sentiment or dedication  to be shown in the bulletin (“In memory of ...”“In thanksgiving for ...” etc.)   

Please show first and last names on the sign-up sheet. Also, be sure to show that your payment is for ALTAR FLOWERS.


The Senior Citizen Real Estate Tax Deferral Program allows a qualifying senior to defer payment of real estate taxes (for a maximum of $5,000) and any special assessments on his or her residence. The State of Illinois pays the real estate taxes. Repayment plus interest of 6% annually is made when the senior sells the property or within a year of the estate being settled.

To qualify, the senior must:

• - be 65 years of age by June 1st of the year 

•   for which the application is made

• - have a total household income of $55,000 

•    or less

• - own and occupy the property

• - have lived in Illinois at least 3 years in 

•    a property

• - have no delinquent real estate taxes

• - have up-to-date fire and casualty insurance 

•    on the property



A big "THANKS" to our phone tree callers...Donna Haeger & Sally Mac Innes...for sharing important information with our members who do not have easy access to e-mail.

  1. Please let me know if you are in need of this service so we can add you to our phone tree.  
  2. If you would like to be a caller, please call me for more information. 

Joan Hoff


12 - John Jevitz

14 - Desire Soltys

15 - Janet Frantzis, Lance Kottke, Ethan Soltys

19 - Carolyn Knight

20 - Kyle Prasse

21 - Annette Gard, Charlene Goodnick

23 - Sharon Anderson, Charmaine Tellefsen

28 - Emily Gomez


You can pick up your copy in the narthex.  Look for the copy with your name on the back.  A copy is reserved for each active member household.  To help keep track of who has picked up their copies there will be a label on the back cover with the name of the household.

We will have a good supply of extra copies, which will not have a label.  If you need a second copy, or if we don’t have one with your name on it for some reason, you can take an unlabeled one.

For those who can not get to church to pick up their copy, we will deliver them.  If you will be seeing someone in that category, feel free to help us by picking up their copy and bringing it to them.

After the initial distribution, we will have enough extras to put one in each pew, like the blue attendance books.  The new version is small enough to fit and they might as well be out where people can use them rather than in a box in a closet.

If you have any questions or comments please tell Bruce Hasher.

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